How does the HSA work when I need to pay a health care expense?

There are three simple ways to access your HSA balance to pay for eligible health care expenses:

  1. When you enroll in an HSA, you will receive a Smart-Choice debit card to pay for eligible expenses. As long as there are funds in your account, you can use the card to pay for expenses.
  2. Pay bills online: Request a payment to your provider, at no charge, through your HSA on the Benefit Center. No claim forms will be necessary, and your funds will be drawn directly from your account. View your account balance and recent payments online, too.
  3. Pay for an expense out of your own pocket and be reimbursed by your HSA. Request reimbursement by logging on to your HSA account on the Benefit Center. Or call a Benefits Advocate at 877-MSHR-411 (674-7411). You can make requests daily. Reimbursements can be deposited electronically into any account you specify, or you can choose to receive a paper check in the mail.
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