Health Care Flexible Spending Account: Rollover

If you participate in a Health Care FSA, IRS regulations permit the forfeiture of any unused funds remaining in the account at the end of the Plan year. However, any unused 2022 Health Care FSA funds up to $570 may automatically roll over into your account for the next Plan year. The remaining balance will automatically roll over into your Health Care FSA for 2023, assuming you make an active election to participate in a Health Care FSA and do not enroll in Medical Plan Option C for coverage.

You have until April 30 of the following year to request reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred during the current Plan year.

Important: Carried over 2022 Health Care and Limited Purpose FSA funds will be applied to 2023 eligible expenses after funds you contribute to a 2023 FSA. Additionally, you may carry over 2022 funds only once. That is, at the end of 2023, you may carry over up to $610 of unused 2023 FSA funds; all unused 2022 carryover funds (as well as any used 2023 FSA funds above $610) will be forfeited back to the plan.

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